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Family Law

With over a decade of experience in family law, we strive to bring peace to Los Angeles families. We understand the complexities of family law in the state of California and work tirelessly to ensure that every case we take on is handled with respect, compassion, and expertise. To learn more about how we can help, contact an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney at Diaz Law Firm at (626) 261-0402 today. We handle family law issues pertaining to divorce, collaborative divorce, mediation, legal separation, child custody & support, paternity, spousal support, property division, premarital agreements, domestic violence, domestic violence prevention, and civil harassment prevention.

Immigration Law

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals leave their home countries in search of opportunity, freedom, or new life experiences. For some, uniting with family is the primary goal. For others, escaping persecution or oppression in their homeland forces them to pursue immigration to the United States. Regardless of the reason, immigrating to the United States is rarely a simple process. At Diaz Law Firm, we work closely with individuals and families to apply for visas, Green Cards, and citizenship in the United States. To learn more about how we can help, consider contacting a knowledgeable Los Angeles immigration lawyer today at (626) 261-0402. We handle immigration law related issues pertaining to family-based matters, humanitarian matters, temporary travel visas, adjustment of status matters, permanent residency, naturalization, and deportation defense.

Litigation Defense

Finding yourself in the midst of a legal dispute can feel overwhelming. More often than not, individuals and businesses involved in a lawsuit wish to resolve the issue swiftly and expeditiously in order to return their attention to more important matters. Fortunately, there is a range of strategies that a Los Angeles civil litigation defense attorney can leverage to achieve a favorable resolution for your case.  At Diaz Law Firm, we have spent over a decade handling complex civil litigation matters. Drawing on this experience, we strive to fully understand our clients’ issues and tailor a defense strategy according to their goals and interests. Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you face legal troubles and ensure the greatest outcome for your case. To learn more, consider contacting our Los Angeles office at (626) 261-0402 today.

Core Values

What Sets Diaz Law Firm Apart

Diaz Law Firm operates under the belief that peace is not guaranteed but carefully curated, that respect for clients must be absolute, and that communication must be open and genuine, even when it is difficult. At the core, we prioritize the following qualities in all aspects of our practice:

  • Equality
  • Partnership with Justice
  • Peace
  • Self-Criticism

As our client, you are treated with our core values at the forefront. We are committed to working tirelessly for our clients, which provides a sense of confidence and comfortability that allows us to continue being your go-to source for trusted legal representation.

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Cheryl is a Lifesaver

Cheryl is my lifesaver. I highly recommend Diaz Law Firm to anyone who is suffering from their complicated and disturbing cases. My case was so complicated that if I post it here, it will be too long, like a book. When my first attorney screwed up my case, I was lost and hopeless. Fortunately, I was referred to Cheryl.

Amazing Since the First Contact

Cheryl has been amazing since the 1st day we made contact. Not only does she help with all the legal items in the agenda , she also counseled me mentally through the steps we were going to take together in the next months which was very helpful.

Attentive & Patient

Attentive and patient with me throughout the entire process. Thank you!

Diaz Law Firm Did the Impossible for Me

Diaz Law Firm did the impossible for me. Cheryl help me with my case and it was victorious. I was very impressed how she had every document ready. Even forms I was not aware, she had it ready. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And may God bless you always. I recommend her firm 100%.

Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz

Founding and lead attorney Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz was born in the Philippines and arrived in the United States at a young age, overcoming poverty, inner-city violence, and discrimination to make her goal of becoming an attorney a reality. This grit and resilience to survive are still present in her legal practice today, allowing her to effectively fight for and empathize with her clients.

Cheryl founded Diaz Law Firm (DLF) to inspire positive societal change through ethical, dedicated, and compassionate legal work. In the years that we have spent building our firm, we have helped people repair their lives after love walks out the door, families reunite and stay together in the United States, and small business owners and individuals defend their companies after being served with shocking and unfair lawsuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I File for Divorce in Los Angeles?

Navigating a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences of...

Navigating a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences of an individual’s life. Making the decision to dissolve your marriage is difficult, and this is especially true when children are involved. Between the emotional hardships and financial considerations, you may be left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn for help with filing for divorce in Los Angeles. Perhaps you have questions about how to proceed and how to best protect your family.  

At Diaz Law Firm, we understand the sensitive nature of divorce cases and do not take these matters lightly. Our team will work alongside you to understand your needs and tailor a legal solution to help you meet your goals. All our decisions and recommendations are made with the best interests of you and your family in mind. To learn more about how we can help, consider connecting with us at (626) 261-0402 today. 

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How Can You Find the Right Lawyer Near You?

Every Los Angeles law firm takes a different approach when it comes...

Every Los Angeles law firm takes a different approach when it comes to managing cases and building relationships with their clients. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider your needs and goals before speaking with prospective attorneys. It can be helpful to think about why you need a lawyer as well as the type of legal professional that you want to work with moving forward. How involved do you want to be in your case? Does the lawyer’s communication style align with your needs? Does that attorney have a proven record of success?

Once you identify your needs and goals, you can begin the process of finding the right lawyer near you. The following are different methods that can help you identify a Los Angeles law firm that aligns with your vision:

Referrals from friends and families. Community is powerful and the friends and family around you are often the greatest source of knowledge. Consider asking your loved ones for recommendations of lawyers they have worked with in the past. More often than not, the information they provide will lead you to an attorney whom you can trust to uphold your rights and advocate for you.

Reviewing law firm websites. A law firm’s website can, and should, provide you with important information regarding their values, qualifications, and the type of law that they practice. Consider reviewing a law firm’s website before hiring an attorney to ensure that they have the experience necessary to achieve the results you desire.

Scheduling initial consultations. Speaking directly with an attorney is an ideal final step before making a decision about your legal representation. A conversation can provide insight into whether you feel comfortable with an attorney, if they understand your culture and background, and if they have a strategic plan for the success of your case.

Why Is it Important to Hire a Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is an investment into your future. Being involved in...

Hiring a lawyer is an investment into your future. Being involved in court proceedings and facing legal issues is rarely an enjoyable experience and it is common to worry about the time, money, and emotional resources that will be spent resolving a legal matter. Hiring a lawyer mitigates these unfavorable consequences by helping you navigate your case smoothly and efficiently. They will uphold your interests using well-crafted legal strategies and solutions. They will, above all, work diligently to ensure your success. This, in turn, helps to avoid the costly, common pitfalls that so often arise when individuals navigate legal issues alone.

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Making the decision to seek legal assistance is an important first step. Life is complicated, family dynamics change, individuals immigrate to new countries, and legal issues arise. These matters are often unavoidable, but you do not need to navigate them alone. As a Los Angeles law firm dedicated to family law, immigration, and civil litigation, Diaz Law Firm has worked with hundreds of clients to achieve success in even the most complex of cases. To begin the process of resolving your legal issue, contact our office at (626) 261-0402 today. 

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